English poetry


img_1649296_57428972_0.jpgThey pretend to care,
They even shed tears,
That you may take for real;

Soothing your sorrows;
And the scathed pride;
You can’t bear;
Then you wake up;
To the harsh snare;
Of the very spurious souls;

Whose heartless recipients;
Void of any decency;
Allowing their wickedness;
To find joy in your wretchedness.


img_1737363_46463145_1.jpgWhat to do;
What to say;
When all is used up;
When all you can offer;
When all you can spare;
Is just ill received;
And all you get;
Is scorn?

You carry on;
Life goes on;
Then bear in mind;
The meanness will find;
The bond that links it with its kind!

Casting ill will and odium;
From the podium of shame.